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Picture of Jason
Jason Hare
Site Administrator and Language Teacher
Jason/Guy is the administrator of the Hebrew Café website and forum. He can be reached by email here or by phone in Israel at +972-52-871-6668 and sometimes in the United States at +1-417-414-5436.

Feel free to contact Jason with any question that you have about the site, about setting up a Hebrew study or about visiting Israel. He has been known to take groups around Tel Aviv for free, introducing them to the layout of the city and what it has to offer.
Picture of Dena
Dena Nechama
Forum Moderator and Co-Administrator (Jewish Forums)
Dena is a moderator and admin of the Hebrew Café’s Jewish Forums. She is also a graduate student who studies human connections to nature and science.

Feel free to contact Dena if you have questions or concerns about the Hebrew Café forum or have any issues registering for the forum.