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The Hebrew Café is host to a forum dedicated to the study and discussion of Judaism and how it relates to other religions. By means of history, the site was originally established under the name of Joplin Hebrew Reading, with the goal of an online gathering point for Jewish and Jewish-friendly residents of the Joplin, Missouri, area who were interested in joining together to practice and improve their Hebrew. After the site's founder (Jason) moved to Israel, the name of the group was altered to keep JHR as the abbreviation, since the domain's name was The altered alliteration was Jewish Hebrew Resources, and the focus of the group became on Jewish literature and religious perspectives, especially as they differ from those of Christians - who form the majority among whom our members generally live. A forum was established for discussion and debate with missionary argumentation and counter-missionary responses. This was the focus of the group for a long time.

The site now hosts “Jewish Forums” for the discussion of religion and life from a Jewish perspective, with a smaller forum for the purpose of Hebrew language study. It is open to people of all walks of life, but proselytizing and the promotion of various faiths is not allowed on the forum. Please read over the forum rules before joining up.

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