The Hebrew Café News

242017 JAN

Current Study Groups

Greek: We are currently leading a group through Greek: An Intensive Course that meets on Saturdays. The material has been covered up to unit 6 (as of this past weekend). We are also reading the first parts of Philo’s On Cherubim as we go along. Anyone interested in joining in from this point should let Jason know. You may freely join the conversation on Skype by using this link.

Aramaic: We are also doing a course in Aramaic at this point. Our first meeting on Skype will be on February 2. Contact Jason for more details at the email above. You may freely join the conversation on Skype by using this link.

212015 JUN

Opening new Greek course

We’ve decided to open up a new study of Greek: An Intensive Course by Hardy Hansen and Gerald M. Quinn. We’ll be doing some recruitment on various sites to get some interest stirred up. You’re welcome to join in if you have (or would like to purchase) the textbook. Contact Jason for more information.
Update: In the past 24 hours, our list of participants has grown to seven. I’ll be putting the last touches on the plans for our study, and then I plan to send a group mail to everyone that will have a link to the main page of the study with all the necessary information. I’m really looking forward to this!

092015 JUN

Website Update

The site went through a major overhaul today. The goal of this overhaul was to make it more attractive by adding better interaction, updating and fixing broken links, and unifying parts of the site that had been neglected. Next on the slate is a new calendar for study groups and the addition of a Facebook group.

302015 MAY

Aramaic on Hold; Greek Moving Forward

Our Aramaic study is on hold for the moment. The academic year has just drawn to a close, so we’re pausing to take a breath and then going back into it. We are currently on chapter 8 of Greenspahn’s textbook and will be picking it back up soon. The beginners Greek group is moving along steadily. We are doing one assignment per week and have just opened what we call assignment 3-6. There is one more assignment left in chapter 3 before we move on to chapter 4 of Taylor’s Greek to GCSE.

052015 APR

Moved Aramaic Study from CARM

Starting today, we will be holding our Aramaic studies on the Hebrew Café’s Hebrew and Aramaic Study forum. The goal is to avoid the constant distractions faced on CARM’s language forum, as well as to afford ourselves more leeway in how the text flows (right-to-left) and how it looks (with Hebrew fonts).