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Hebrew from Scratch (עברית מן ההתחלה)

A set of two textbooks that present Hebrew in a way that is both interesting and educational. The textbooks are written in Hebrew from beginning to end, getting students acclimated early-on to reading Hebrew text without vowel points (nikud)—which is how Hebrew is written and read in Israel.

Vocabulary lists and grammar explanations in English, fun comic drawings, reading passages and accompanying audio CDs combine to create a great system for learning that is apt for online adaptation and teaching.

Level One
Textbook: Amazon | Gefen Publishing
CDs: Amazon | Gefen Publishing

Level Two
Textbook: Amazon | Gefen Publishing
CDs: Amazon | Gefen Publishing

The Hebrew Alphabet

Hebrew Alphabet (The Hebrew Café) – A printable reference sheet with all the letters of the alphabet, their names, the vowels (classed by sound) and the final (“sofit”) forms.

Hebrew Alphabet Flashcards (The Hebrew Café) – A set of flashcards for you to print for your own use.

Hebrew Reading Pratice (The Hebrew Café) – We have put together a reading practice sheet that comes along with audio files (ZIP archive).

Hebrew Alphabet (Akhlah) – A friendly site with pages for coloring and practicing the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. They also provide free worksheets for practicing Hebrew script and a great printable alphabet chart. Child-friendly!

Israeli Television

Some popular television shows in Israel and the channels that they appear on.

Channel 2 (ערוץ 2) – Erets Nehederet (ארץ נהדרת), Kochav Nolad (כוכב נולד), Master Chef (מאסטר שף), Ramzor (רמזור)

Channel 10 (ערוץ 10) – Beauty and the Geek (היפה והחנון), Erev Tov with Guy Pines (ערב טוב עם גיא פינס).

Podcasts and Conversation – This site contains a lot of podcast episodes that have to do with basic Hebrew expression. A great resource for beginners. These podcasts can be downloaded from iTunes here. – Free access (with registration) to many Hebrew podcasts.

Stanford University – This site has several introductory videos with grammar and vocabulary from Stanford University's Hebrew courses.

Dictionaries and Paradigms

Morfix Dictionary – The most used English-Hebrew / Hebrew-English dictionary in Israel. Everyone uses it on smartphones (there is an application on the Google Play Store and the iPhone Market) and on their personal computer. It has a very wide range of coverage.

Hebrew Verb Paradigms – Loads of Hebrew verbs presented according to English meaning with various options for paradigms.

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