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Last Update: 18 May 2017
First Greek Book by John W. White
Answers by Jason Hare
Displaying Greek on this Page
This page is encoded as Unicode (UTF-8), which means that there should be no problem displaying Greek (ἑλληνική) or Hebrew (עִבְרִית) text on any device. To display the Greek as it is intended, you should have Minion Pro font installed on your system. The font SBL BibLit has been embedded to the page. If that doesn’t work, then it will default either to Times New Roman or to whatever your system’s default serif font is.
How to Use this Page
The purpose of this page is to provide assistance with the exercises in First Greek Book by John W. White, which can be freely downloaded and used at the generous provision of the Textkit website here. These answers do not represent an official key to the text. It is solely one man’s work. There may be (and most probably are) mistakes in the body of this work, so I ask with humility that you check your work against mine – and... mone me si erro, amabo te! (Tell me when I make a mistake, please!) Simply send an email to Jason and state that there’s a mistake on the page. It will be greatly appreciated.

To use the page, simply click on the button below for the lesson that you want to display. It will display below. You can display several lessons at a time – or go through and click one at a time until all are displayed. You can then tell the page to “print” and turn it into a pdf that you can take with you. None of the mess on the page will be printed, but only the exercises that you choose along with the page title. To hide a lesson, simply click the lesson number again, and it will disappear.

Good luck in your study of the Greek language! I hope that this page is helpful.

– JH
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