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Full Version: Rockets over Tel Aviv
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Just wanted to let you guys know (if you didn't) that Tel Aviv is experiencing a rocket barrage. I guess it lasted about half an hour tonight, from 9:00pm to 9:30pm. Lots of rockets. Lots of booms. Lots of scared people. I'm not sure what damage was done, but my building and my social circle is ok.
Glad to hear you are okay Jason.

And glad for the Iron Dome which is doing its best to protect the people of Israel.
According to the latest news things are getting worse
Tel Aviv is on all news channels, I heard that at least 3 people died. Really happy that you are ok.
Where are the rockets coming from?
On the 10th of AV the Jewish settlements in GAZA were destroyed for Peace

now 850 rockets were fired at Tel Aviv from GAZA

This is Peace?
Huh Huh Huh
This is Peace?
I don't think that Tel Aviv should be on the news so much. Yes, Hamas is firing at Tel Aviv, but they haven't been successful (so far). There have been a couple of tragedies outside of Tel Aviv (in Holon and Lod, specifically). The rioting of the Arab populations in Jaffa and Lod is what scares me more than the rockets. They want this to become a civil war, where Arab Israelis will fight to kill Jewish Israelis. This is beyond any sense.
I also wish that people would stop driving around in vehicles that have acceleration sounds that mimic the sirens. Every couple of minutes some electric vehicle drives by and accelerates, and I think it's the beginning of a siren.
I hope that the violence will stop soon, it's sad to see people suffering on both sides. In Germany the police starts protecting Jewish institutions because Israel flags were burned and stones were thrown at the doors of synagogues.
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