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Full Version: Question About the Sabbath and the 7th day of a Festival Week
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Hi, I'm not Jewish, but I'm trying to better understand the word "sabbath" and Jewish holidays.
My understanding is that "sabbath" (among other things) means "the seventh", or "seven", since it occurs on the seventh day of the week.
My first questions is, would that be a correct statement to make?
My second questions is: if there were a 7-day-long festival, such as Passover, or Sukkot, would the seventh day of that festival be called "a sabbath" (not to be confused with the regular Saturday sabbath)? For example, would the 21st day of Nisan be called "a sabbath" regardless of which day of the week it fell upon because it was the 7th day of the feast?
This seems like more colloquial knowledge and I haven't been able to find anything about it searching for it. Thanks for any answers.

Hello Eric and welcome to the forum.

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Your question is a good one and I'm sure someone will chime in with an answer.