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Full Version: Israel left behind by West so Muslin states
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Islamists are usefull tools for those who wish to indirectly enslave countries of which refugees are sent to. Whether that's the intended motive or not is beside the point. It's the results that count.
The pull-out of western forces from Afghanistan looks identical to what happened in Vietnam where the armed with American weaponry South Vietnamese troops were quickly overwhelmed by the Vietcong despite. As a result of the power vacuum left in more recent examples, certain politicians have used the resulting window of vulnerability in order to endanger their constituency even more. A prime example of this is Germany's aging and dementing foreign minister (this individual has held various ministries, icluding having been the medical minister) Horst Seehofer from Bavaria (no better reason for granting Bavaria its own statehood). This is one of those politicians of whom nobody knows how he was dug up and put into a position of authority. He was never directly elected into any of these ministries eithetr. In any event, he has now stopped deportation to Afghanistan, despite Afghanis being some of, if not the most, vicious criminals. This will signal to them that they will no longer have that Sword of Damsecles swinging over their heads, resulting in even more rapes and murders of young women.
If that the state of affairs in Bavaria Today..its a good reason some of my great-great grandparents left Bavaria 190 years ago
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Arab Spring 2: D.C. politicians rush to save Islamists in Tunisia - Israel National News
Watch: New British ambassador to Iran hoping for 'good relations' - Israel National News
Remember apeasment diidnt work with Hitler...and it still doest work  with the Arab/Muslin World Huh Confused Sad
I’ve edited this response. Others might have thought me to harsh in the manner of my expressing my disdain, disgust and contempt.