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Full Version: Poland Israel and the Shoah legacy 2021
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I remember when I came across this article..a Warning in the Jewish Talmud....Jews who live outside of Eretz Israel...should not own property  but should rent it instead,,else they forget they are in GalAt {Exhile from the Land of israel}
Anymore, this is starting to become good advice for most everybody. It's better to own either a motorhome or houseboat, given at how quickly government policies tend to change.
(09-29-2021, 12:54 PM)Nooone Wrote: [ -> ]

Poland’s president has decided to sign a bill that would set limits on the ability of Jews to recover property seized by Nazi German occupiers and retained by post-war communist rulers...
The percentage of Jewish property turned into or was already of commercial use would be difficult to return. If the descendants of that confiscated property are not planning to use these properties, a monetary compensation plan similar to that of which Latvia has recently ratified would be perhaps the most practical solution. I really doubt that any descendant living outside of Poland would plan on emmigrating to Poland, just because there's a house waiting there. Especially, if that descendand doesen't speak the language:

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...The amount is calculated according to the cadastral value of the property owned by the Jewish community on June 16, 1940...