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Sacrifices - Been-Mark - 03-05-2019

I am immediately new to your forum, so I hope I do not break any rules here. If I do I assure you it is not intentional. 

The backdrop for my question... 

I am nearing the end of the book of Numbers and it occurred to me that once the tribes settled in their individual lands, how did the people offer sacrifices of any sort? 

I know the various houses of the tribe of Levi were scattered throughout Israel, but the priests seem quite localized according to Joshua 21:13-19, and I imagine that the requirement to offer sacrifices just outside the tent of meeting at the altar was not amended to accommodate multiple locations once they settled in the land.

My specific inquiry...

I know about the required times of sacrifice which applied to all Israelites but according to Numbers 15, the wording seems to imply that whenever an individual sinned they were to offer sacrifice over which the Priest would administrate. Since humans have not changed at all, I imagine that the need to offer sacrifice therefore was quite regular. How then did say someone from the tribe of Asher, offer sacrifice when the nearest and in fact ONLY priests and tabernacle (so far as I know) was at best DAYS away? If I had lived in that time - I would have to have taken up residence in Judah just to keep up and I honestly try to obey the law.

In addition to this - what of all the other types of sacrifices like for guilt or even just a freewill offering or a sacrifice to fulfill a vow.