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Pesach - RChrisl - 03-29-2019

Shalom everyone my name is Robert and this is my first post question.  I have an interesting background for the most part.  My Great Grand Parents were both Ashkenazi Jewish born on my mothers side in Germany several decades before WW2.  Sadly they were wiped out by the Nazis during WW2 and the Great Synagouge of Danzig where they worshiped was burned to the ground. Fast forward to me, the next several generations mixed with the Goy blood and here I am!  My parents took me to a christian church as a lad and I was taught in it's ways.  However around the year 2000 something changed within me and I started to awaken to my Hebrew roots!!  I started to have an urge to learn about Torah, His Name, Shabbat, His Feasts, eating Kosher, blowing the shofar etc.  I know wow right!  Maybe the Jewish DNA kicked in! I don't know but anyway here I am and am getting ready for Pesach this year and although I read and study scripture often I wanted to see if I could "pick the brains" of my Jewish sisters and brothers and get their opinion or insight into my question.  Ok so here it is; when I read in Shemoth 12:23 The Heavenly Father says he will pass through Mitsrayim around midnight on the 14th of Aviv/Nisan and if the blood of The Lamb is not applied to the door posts and lintel he will kill the firstborn of every house.  From reading the Scriptures it appears that the 14th is definitely the night of Pesach, however, it appears that during the return from the Babylonian exile during Ezra and Nehemiah's restoration of Jerusalem that the feast was combined from the 14th to the 15th and became standardized tradition .  So my question is this, is midnight on the 14th of Aviv the original correct time of Pesach or is it at midnight on the 15th?  Thank you in advance for any insight that you may have!  Shalom shalom

RE: Pesach - searchinmyroots - 03-29-2019

Hello Robert and welcome to the forum!

Just to let you know, the first 3 posts are moderated to keep out spam and bots.

Thanks for sharing your story and the interesting question.

Give us a little time for the members to read your post and hopefully some answers will arrive shortly!!

RE: Pesach - RabbiO - 04-12-2019

Robert -

You might find this useful -