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Ideas for Bar Mitzvah gifts? - markram - 01-09-2020

I’m trying to research some fun, unique Bar Mitzvah gifts to get in this day and age.

This site has some fun ideas, I was wondering what you guys thought? And if you have any other resources/ideas on what to get? Do you think getting a gift is even worth it, or should I just stick to giving cash?


RE: Ideas for Bar Mitzvah gifts? - searchinmyroots - 01-09-2020

Hello Markram and welcome to the forum.

Just to let you know, the first 3 posts are moderated to help keep out spam and bots.

Not sure how to answer your question as I don't know how observant the family is.

I would think those that are more observant would lean more towards books and study material, but I may be wrong.

RE: Ideas for Bar Mitzvah gifts? - Chavak - 01-09-2020

Unless I know someone really well and know their taste, or what they want or need, I am more inclined to give cash.

RE: Ideas for Bar Mitzvah gifts? - RabbiO - 01-09-2020

When you find out who is willing and able to shell out $1,500 for a paperback set of the Talmud, in English translation, please provide me with a list of names so I can let them know that I am available for adoption