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Feel Happy - Mauriac - 12-31-2020

What excerpts from the Tanakh do you recommend reading when I have a bad day and want to feel me happy?

RE: Feel Happy - searchinmyroots - 12-31-2020

What is your definition of "happy"?

The Psalms have many passages that may help you through a bad time but in the long run, it is how and what you think that will ultimately bring you happiness.

When we wake up in the the morning the first prayer is called Modeh Ani. It is basically thanking G-d for providing us with another day, thankful that we woke up and have an opportunity to make the most of everything we have and what is out there for us.

That is usually a good start!

RE: Feel Happy - Jason - 01-01-2021

I find that being distracted generally makes me feel better. I can do that with any story from the Tanach, but I can also do that with Harry Potter or Greek volumes.