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Noahide - Mauriac - 01-03-2021

Can a Jew renounce being part of the chosen people and decide to continue worshiping G-d but as a noahide?

RE: Noahide - searchinmyroots - 01-03-2021

Complicated question/answer in my opinion.

You see, once born a Jew, you are basically always Jewish.

But how you choose to follow or not follow G-d determines what religion or no religion you observe.

RE: Noahide - Chavak - 01-04-2021

I don't think a Jew can renounce being a Jew. Born a Jew, always a Jew. However, there are Jews who have nothing to do with Judaism or follow a different religion. Being a Jew and practicing a religion (or none at all) are two different things.