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Jewish Leadership moral responisiblty - Nooone - 04-22-2021

Recently on Chabad I wrote to Ask A Rabbi the following Query:

Actually I do have a question about moral leadership of a Jewish Community outside of Israel:  I came across a grim Jewish Jewish joke

about a man who refuses rescue three times  to flee from a flood saying The L-d will save me.He dies and complains to the L-d that the

L-d didnt rescue him; the L-d responded that three times he was offered the chance of rescue bu didnt listen...observation from the

fall of the 2nd Temple to the present Jewish communites outside of the Land of Israel are in danger of physical anniliation  {As recently

happened to the Jews of Yemen when they were expelled from Yemen after living their since the time of King Solomon] the query is this...When there are clear signs that a Jewish Community in galat is going to be destroyed..and their only chance of life is to flee to Land of

Israel...and yet the leaders of said community restrain them from going and refuse to Go Up to they bear the moral

responibilty before the L-d for not choosing Life for their community?

This answear I received April 22,2021
Your question is based on the assumptions that;

1 - It was obvious that they were facing physical annihilation (beyond what we had experienced over our history).

2 - Going to Eretz Yisroel was possible and would have saved them from said annihilation.

You certainly know the saying that "hindsight is 20-20." While from our perspective the argument can be made that those two things were true, (and there may have been some who predicted so at the time), it is not correct to say that the actions of those rabbis was unreasonable.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

All the best,

Rabbi Shlomie Deren

As Jewish Community follows its 2021 The Chief Rabbi of Iran Yehuda Gerami going abroad whole heartly supports Iran [Times of Israel November 15,2021]
this logically the facts must be faced that the 8,500 Jews In Iran will also support Iran and not go up to Israel...of their own choice