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Jerusalem crisis - Ismq - 05-10-2021

RE: Jerusalem crisis - searchinmyroots - 05-10-2021

Yes, the battle goes on.

RE: Jerusalem crisis - Jason - 05-10-2021

They first said that they were going to shoot rockets at Tel Aviv at 6pm, but they didn't do that. Instead, they shot at Jerusalem. Then they said that they were going to shoot them at Tel Aviv at 9pm, but that time has come and gone (it's now 10:45pm), and we haven't heard any sirens in Tel Aviv.

It is a mess what's happening, of course. But I don't think they seriously think that we're going to live in fear of rockets. We're quite used to that kind of thing. (As awful as that sounds.)

RE: Jerusalem crisis - searchinmyroots - 05-10-2021

The Israeli's stand strong and do not give in to bullying by their neighbors.

Yes, it is sad rockets are being fired into Israel almost daily and sorry it is something that you have to get used to.

May you all stay safe and have peace soon.

RE: Jerusalem crisis - Blue Bird - 05-11-2021

A scary situation.

RE: Jerusalem crisis - searchinmyroots - 05-11-2021

They are getting bombarded with 100's of rockets.

But the Iron Dome seems to be doing a good job holding them off.

Let's hope this ends soon!