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Born of a Jewish father... - Nooone - 05-12-2021

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and yet.........
A child of a mixed marriage {Jewish father/non Jewish mother} does not inherit being Jewish....but they do inherit the potential of being Jewish....and provided that he/she will accept the Iron yoke of the Torah...with all their heart/mind body/soul and for orthadox Jewish supervision of conversion....
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RE: Born of a Jewish father... - Jason - 05-12-2021

According to responsa from the Reform Movement, they recognize children of Jewish fathers as Jewish, provided that they were raised within a Jewish framework (Jewish life cycle event celebrations, attendance of and participation in synagogue life, awareness of Jewish cultural values, etc.). If the child was raised outside of Judaism (attendance in a church, faith in Jesus, Christian holidays, Muslim faith, Buddhist philosophies, etc.), the child is not recognized as Jewish (and would need to undergo conversion).

Given that this is not an Orthodox forum—it is a set of Jewish forums for all Jews from all expressions of Jewish life—it would be appreciated if you did not post wedge issues that are intended to call other people's Jewish identities into question or to cause some kind of rift in the forum usership. Be aware that no one here is under obligation to believe or practice a certain way even if it is the unified tradition of the past. We accept that modern Judaism is pluralistic, and the only way to have a strong future for the Jewish people is to realize that people come from different backgrounds, even from within Judaism or as they come to Judaism.

Thanks for understanding.

RE: Born of a Jewish father... - Nooone - 05-12-2021


RE: Born of a Jewish father... - Nooone - 05-12-2021

Understood no more posts of this sort from me,,,

RE: Born of a Jewish father... - Jason - 05-13-2021