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RE: Israel new government - Nooone - 08-24-2021

If bennet will not annex the Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria to the Republic of Israel..

How will he prevent a de facto Palestine state of Judea/samaria/Gaza with a "capital" of "East Jerusalem?
A Arab Palestine state that does not recognize Israel or Jews....
Only be establishing permanent Jewish presence in Jerusalem Judea and Samaria and Gaza can Israel with faith in the L-d survive.....

RE: Israel new government - Alan_Boskov - 08-25-2021

(06-15-2021, 07:16 PM)Jason Wrote: What do Americans think about the change of president?...
More Americans are likely to challenge his legitimacy:

' Wrote:...Having 300 ballots in your possession is suspicious. Having the ballots AND several drivers’ licenses clearly establishes intent to commit voter fraud...

RE: Israel new government - Nooone - 08-27-2021

Bennet and Bidden  agree on something together in Israel
Ahead of Meeting Biden, Israeli PM Says Settlement Growth Must Be Slowed (

RE: Israel new government - Nooone - 09-04-2021

read this and weep O Israel Huh Confused Sick
Israel to lend PA 500 million shekels - Israel National News
The Triplets:
Abbas, Bennet and Bidden