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Sefer Torah - searchinmyroots - 08-05-2021

Another YouTube video by Peter Santenello -

RE: Sefer Torah - Blue Bird - 08-05-2021

(08-05-2021, 01:03 AM)searchinmyroots wrote: Another YouTube video by Peter Santenello -

Thank you searchinmyroots for this video. I've seen his previous ones. It's one of the rare opportunities for me as an outsider to get in touch with the Jewish world.

RE: Sefer Torah - searchinmyroots - 08-05-2021

You're very welcome Blue Bird!

I think Shloime explains things very well.

RE: Sefer Torah - Blue Bird - 08-10-2021

Here are a few thoughts I had when I saw the video a second time.

These people have a wonderful way of celebrating.

It's unusual today to see a young man talk about purity and boundaries. This is great. And I agree that the Thora is a user manual for life that helps to find the way in this complicated world.

They are talking about the Holocaust. We Germans don't. We lock it up in museums and thousands of movies. Politicians take care of paying for the damage we have done. All of this is possible, but do not talk about it in every day life. Then, magically, the topic disappears.

I like Peter's question: How many pages does the Thora scroll have?

I am amazed how the congregation welcomed Peter and how open they were. Really nice to see that there might be a way to connect with each other.