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Taliban collapse? - Nooone - 08-24-2021

Prediction that Taliban Will collapse..and Afghanstan will descend into choas....

First the Indians then the British...then Russia...the USA...China Next?

If country is chaos..what else is new?

RE: Taliban collapse? - Alan_Boskov - 08-25-2021

Nothing is new. If they start killing each other off, there will be less of them available to cause more trouble. This is their way of offsetting their birthrate.
I wouldn't rely on MSN, as an accurates source. In fact, in that reputation point's comment of which I've sent you yesterday, I included a link from a regional source explaining that both Iran and Pakistan have closed their borders to refugee movements. I'm sure that China is doing likewise. Speaking of China, I really doubt that they would have completed negotiations with the Taliban, had they not been confident that they could complete their Belt and Road project through that country.
In any event, if the Chinese indeed become unsuccessful in making businessmen out of the Taliban, they have the numbers, the resources and the brutality required for conquering Afghanistan.

RE: Taliban collapse? - Nooone - 08-25-2021

Link of Interest

The only issue I take with the article is that Peteraus as a General must as long as he is in service carry out the commander In Chief orders....So its not him I blame but the C-in-C who gave these orders......

RE: Taliban collapse? - Alan_Boskov - 08-25-2021

Time will tell if these allegations are true. I wouldn't put it past those savages:

' wrote:...reports suggest the warlords have been hunting children as young as 12 to take as sex slaves following the takeover.

Despite promises from Taliban leadership that women’s rights will be respected under their new rule, reports suggest they are returning to their old ways and forcing marriages and carrying out sexual assaults across the country.

Unmarried or widowed women are considered “ghanimat” or the “spoils of war”...

RE: Taliban collapse? - Nooone - 08-25-2021

Birds of a feather Flock together....

One thing you can count on no matter what the Taliban in Afghanastan or the Iranians due to minorities..the United Nations (who are united against Israel in hatred and indifference) will never condem or Boycott the Taliban or Iran Hamans  even when-not if-Jihad will come to their doorsteps

RE: Taliban collapse? - Nooone - 08-25-2021

and yet what Country speaks up about Human rights violations in afghaastahn..?
Israel Warns of ‘Deteriorating Human Rights Situation’ in Afghanistan at UN Special Session in Geneva | The Jewish Press - | Hana Levi Julian | 17 Elul 5781 – August 24, 2021 |