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Pride and Arrogance
I almost forgot to share this

6/5/2021 I recently wrote to Ask A rabbi chabad website with the following Query:Query is arrogance and pride the root of rebellion against the L-d?
Examples; A scholar studies Holy Texts for so long he forgets to live the spirit and the meaning of the texts and prides himself on how much he Knows... or an another example one of the first pacts between Abraham and the L-D was circumsision...indeed there is one story of a mother who took this to heart see /the story The-Nazi-Accomplice-in-the-Circumcision yet the Knesset had to produce a film defending circumscision because there is a movement to ban it in europe which would of course adversally effect the last living rements of European Jewry. Is it man arrogance to think he van overturn a decree of the L-d simply by oratory or Legislative fiat? How can a devout Jewish person prevent arrogance or pride from dominationg their lives?
6/10/2021 the reply


Great question.

Arrogance and pride are indeed considered an insurmountable obstacle to connecting with G-dliness, to which reason and logic are powerless to combat.

You rightly point out that even a Torah scholar is not immune to this problem, and in fact, can be quite susceptible to it.

Here are two different insightful articles that discuss this general issue and methods to combat it..

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

All the best,

Mendel Fogelman

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