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LAst Jew In afghasthan August 2021 update
In April 2021 Zablon Simintov said he will leave Afghanistan for Israel after the year’s [[High Holy Days|High Holidays]] season in the fall, fearing a resurgence of groups such as the Taliban after the U.S. military's promised withdrawal.{{cite web|url=|title=The last known Jew in Afghanistan is leaving|work=[[Israel National News]]|date=April 4, 2021|access-date=April 4, 2021}}[ Afghanistan's last known Jew is leaving for Israel]
As of July 31.2021 Simatov is in Afghanistan[’s...Talon News July 31, 2021}
As of 17 August 2021, Simintov remains in Kabul despite having had a chance to escape.{{cite video |url= |title=Afghanistan's last Jew Zebulon Simentov decides to stay on amid humanitarian crisis |publisher=[[WION (TV channel)|WION]] |date=2021-08-17 |access-date=2021-08-17}}
Why is it important for any Jew to choose Afghanistan of all places to spend his or her's valuable life? Even the Afghans are fleeing Afghanistan. This would have turned out completely different, if the Taliban had not been armed with portable anti-aircraft weaponry donated for fighting a proxy war against the Soviet Union for the Americans, dumb as those primitive savages were to be duped into doing so.
Here's something of which I found as an image. Because the illuminated links are just part of a screenshot, some digging will be necessary for proving authenticity of this following image. However, if true, it's not any remaining in Afghanistan Jews who have something to fear:

[Image: YI3dvEA.jpg]
I Hope the leaders of the World read this message and understand...Iran leaders and similar Allied States such as Afghanistan are planning to lead a Jihad against israel;  the Jewish people and the World....

Iranian regime wants to 'eliminate Israel, not Jews' • Point of No Return (

After reading this article and seeing their Poster...have no doubt of what they plan,,,,,,,JIHAD AgaINST ALL
Five Times the West had Chances to Block Jihad from Iran...but failed every time:
1] The Bungeled rescue attempts to save US embassy personel in terhan allowed Iran to use them as bargaining chips to get back their frozen monatary assests...
2] Peres refusual to allow the Iranian Nuclear plant to be bombed by the IAF all for peace....
3] Sharon ejection of Jewish settlers from Gaza and Sinai resulted to thousand foldattacks against Jewish Communites
4] Obuma refusual to Veto the 2016 UN resolution condemming Israel has given Iran the "Moral backing" to wage Jihad against Israel and Jewish communites
5] All the years of the US Military in Iraq and Afghastan  could [with the help of russia] to invade Iran and stop weopons of Mass destruction; all Obuma did was get Iran to sign a pieace of paper....just like Chamberlain got itler to sign a piece of paer with Hitler pledging Peace

And Now the Taliban, Iran, the PLO et all will join in Jihad against the World....
ISrael future right now is going to be very grim
Links of Interest Regarding Afghanistan Jewish Communities:
Afghansitan JUDENFREI

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