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Israel: Measuring European Union anti-Semitism by its anti-Israel Bias
What happened to anti-Semitism following the end of the Nazi genocide of Jews?: It became institutionalized within both (below) the “European Union” and the “United Nations” (U.N. built-in pro-Arab 56 country block-vote). 
The European Union is primarily a trading-block and there is more apparently to be allegedly-gained in supporting the “Palestinian” Arabs, rather than in annoying oil-producing Arab countries with their consequential trading power. 
The U.N. and the E.U. both deny the Jewish people’s roots in the Jews ancestral homeland of Israel, and support the false, unverifiable-claims of the “Palestinian” Arabs. 

The “European Union” funds the “Palestinian” Arabs knowing the “Palestinian” Arabs conduct an on-going war of territorial ambitions, and ethnic-hatred against Israeli Jewish civilians including children. 
The E.U. has no valid auditing how its aid to the “Palestinian” Arabs is spent (see below). 

Some Aid paid to the “Palestinian Authority” aka Fatah, is paid by the P.A. to “Hamas” which runs Gaza, from which numerous Palestinian rockets are fired at Israeli cities whenever the fancy takes them. 

Why does the E.U. pay their aid to the “Palestinian” Arabs, fully-aware this: 
i) Constitutes either direct or indirect funding for “Palestinian” Arab terrorism (see below). 
ii) That funding terrorim represents an obstacle to peace? 
It is because the E.U. is institutionally anti-Semitic. A French / German top-heavy influenced-organization, where France is institutionally anti-Semitic, as can be seen by the anti-Israel / pro-“Palestinian” Arab propaganda produced by its State-owned “France 24” TV, for example early November 2021, on the news that Israel approves 1,300 homes for the “West Bank”, Stuart Norval presenter on France 24 English, promises that they will now bring the viewer two views - one an Israeli and the other a Palestinian: 
The Israeli who was interviewed, was from an anti-“settlement” organisation!

The “Palestinian” Arabs have no incentive to renounce hate and conflict, and to sincerely negotiate peace, because while the European Union pays “lip-service” to supporting a two-state solution and to respecting Israeli security, the E.U., it also provides the “Palestinian” Arabs with both political support and prodigious ready-cash. The E.U. is well aware their cash will be used to free-up funds for the “Palestinian” Arab war-machine. As the E.U. knows, the “Palestinian” Arabs in reality do NOT support a two-state solution, but instead seek ALL the land of Israel, as shown by what is taught by the Palestinian education system and “Palestinian National Charter”. Those funding the “Palestinian” Arabs knowingly and intentionally-fund the “Palestinian” Arab war of ethnic-hatred against Israel. 

The “Palestinian” Arabs are also often falsely-referred to as the “hapless Palestinians”, whereas in reality they are bankrolled by the “European Union” and the United States. “E.U.” funding to the “Palestinian” Arabs, is French and German government money, who launder it through the “European (Union) Commission” as: “humanitarian aid”.

The “European Union” bankrolls the “Palestinian” Arabs: 
- - - - Start of extracts: - - - -

Quote:“How are we helping? In 2021, the European Union provided €34 million [EXR. Nov 11, 2021, USD $38,924,900] in humanitarian funding for Palestinians in need, including funds to address emerging needs due to the coronavirus pandemic and the recent violence in Gaza. [...]”

Quote:“How are we helping? In 2020, the European Union is providing €23.7 million [EXR. Jan 31, 2021, USD $28,765,875] in humanitarian funding for Palestinians ... including funds to address [the ...] coronavirus.” 

[The E.U. paid the “Palestinian” Arabs €22.5 million in 2019 when there was no coronavirus!] 

Extracts source:
(Recycled webpage where the amounts stated on it change according to the applicable year):

- - - - End of extracts - - - -

Aid awarded to the “Palestinian” Arabs lacks logical-substantiation as to its alleged “humanitarian” need, particularly when compared with other groups considered to have genuine-humanitarian need. 
Areas/people in need of humanitarian assistance 2021:

Since the E.U. is dominated by France and Germany, their governments, specifically their leaders - the President of the French Republic, the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, therefore bear direct-responsibility for the continuance of E.U. funding of the “Palestinian” Arabs, knowingly and intentionally freeing-up “Fatah” (aka the “P.A.”) and “Hamas” funds for the murder of Israeli Jews including children. 

French and German government influence over E.U. decision-making:

Correlation of increase in Aid, with increase in “Palestinian” Arab violence:

The reader may find some assistance from the following: 
Ex-French spy chief admits 1980s pact with Palestinian terrorists:

Many who demonstrate in European countries against anti-Semitic damage to Jewish tomb stones, have no problem with their governments continuing to fund the “Palestinian” Arabs, thereby also funding the “Palestinian” Arab ongoing war of ethnic-murder against Israeli Jewish civilians including children. 

It is neither accurate nor moral to separate the party paying for terrorism to be carried out as does the “Palestinian Authority” aka “Fatah”, from any entity who fund them, such as the European Union that funds the “Palestinian Authority” / “Fatah”; 
Entities that fund terrorism, support terrorism. 

The “Palestinian” Arabs are addicted to ethnic-hatred against Jews, so if Palestinians injure or kill an Israeli Jew including children, and the Palestinian terrorist is imprisoned as a result, the “Palestinian Authority” aka Fatah (the P.A. is funded by the “European Union”) and the “Palestinian Liberation Organisation” pay a reward-“pension” to the family of the attacker: 

Remember, to qualify to be murdered by a “Palestinian” Arab you must be Jewish and there is no lower age restriction. A reward-pension is then paid to the family of the terrorist out of “The Palestinian Authority Martyrs Fund” (see below and Sources area); (the P.A. in turn funded by the “European Union”). 

- - - - Start of extract: - - - -

Quote:“The Palestinian Authority Martyrs Fund is a fund operated by the Palestinian Authority (PA) which pays monthly cash stipends to the families of Palestinians killed, injured, or imprisoned while carrying out politically motivated violence against Israel.[1] 
The fund also makes disbursements to innocent bystanders killed during violent events and Palestinians imprisoned in Israeli jails for ordinary crimes. 
The Fund traces its origins to a fund created by Fatah in 1964 to support the widows and orphans of Palestinian fedayeen. 
The scheme has been described as “pay for slay”, and has been criticised by some as encouraging terrorism.[2] 
In 2016, the PA paid out about NIS 1.1 billion (US$303 million) in stipends and other benefits to the families of so-called “martyrs”.[3]” 

1. Rasgon, Adam; Najib, Mohammed (2020-05-09). “Israel Cracks Down on Banks Over Payments to Palestinian Inmates”. The New York Times. ISSN 0362-4331. Retrieved 2021-03-09. 
2. Our tax won’t ‘pay to slay’ ”. The Australian Jewish News. July 4, 2018. 
3. “PA under pressure over ‘martyr’ stipends it pays to terrorists’ families”. Times of Israel. 11 July 2016. Retrieved 25 July 2016. 

Extract source:

- - - - End of extract - - - -

The “Palestinian Authority Martyrs Fund” and “Hamas”, both brought to you by “European Union” funding (see source above) of the “Palestinian Authority” aka Fatah. 
No proper E.U. auditing as to how E.U. “aid” to the Palestinians is spent, and both the E.U. and the Palestinians are well-aware of this: 

- - - - Start of extract: - - - -

Quote:"The new 2013 report of the Court [European Court of Auditors] reveals that $2.7 billion in direct aid [foreign aid given by the European Union] to the Palestinians between 2008 and 2012 could not be accounted for and appeared to be lost. In addition, EU investigators who visited Jerusalem and areas on the West Bank were unable to obtain information or speak to Palestinian officials about corruption in the areas they controlled.” 

Extract source:

- - - - End of extract - - - -

Once the “Palestinian” Arabs had tricked Israel into giving them autonomy of part of the West Bank and the whole of Gaza under the Oslo Accords, the Palestinians since: 
 > Do not sincerely negotiate any peace treaty. 
 > Make an unverifiable false-claim to ALL the land of Israel. 
 > Want to expel the Jews from the Jews ancestral-homeland of Israel.
 > Attack Israeli Jewish civilians as policy including children. 
No wonder anti-Semites display such emotional-support for the “Palestinian” Arabs ! 

Supporting anti-Semitism is anti-Semitism:
The Palestinians cynically whitewash their anti-Jewish hate-war as: 
“uprising”, “defence”, “desperation”, “struggle”, “resistance”. 

Here are examples from the “Palestinian” Arab on-going anti-Jewish hate-war, where their propaganda typically refers to any consequential security measures as “Israeli-oppression”: 

Description of “Palestinian” Arab terrorist attacks by year:

“Palestinian” Arab attacks of ethnic-hatred using West Bank roads, upon Israeli Jewish civilians:

How do the “Palestinian” Arabs spend your aid:

Diverting construction-materials into making Attack-Tunnels:


”Palestinian” Arab rocket attacks on Israel:

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