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Ethics of Using Medical Data From Nazi Experiments
(06-05-2019, 09:14 AM)Jude86 wrote: ...the Japanese performed vivisection on certain prisoners of war that were held during the Second World War...
It's astonishing, in the negative sense, as to how barbaric this otherwise polite people has conducted itself throughout the time frame starting with the invasion of mainland Asia, beginning just shortly after the First World War, ending, of course, with their humiliative surrender. The experiments conducted at camp 731 were commented to have been gruesome enough to cause even Nazi scientist's blood to curdle.
The main difference between Japanese attitudes towards their prisoners compared to that of the Nazis was that Japanese disregard for the welfare (to put it mildly) of their European-originating prisoners wasn't based on hatred. But rather, on the Samurai-inherited mindset of which philosophises a prisoner letting himself get captured alive to be regarded as an absolutely worthless being. The attitude towards Chinese prisoners of war, however, was closer to that of which the Nazis held concerning Slavic- and Commenwealth citizens of Britain's Asian, African and Caribbean territories, because the Japanese were taught that the Chinese were subhuman. Whether this was based on observing Chinese society as a whole or the cruelty the Chinese inflict on animals is another question. 
I myself own a Japanese-made automobile, as well as a few other electronic devices and therefore feel a certain amount of guilt. Especially, because of Japan's continuing massacre on the deminishing whale population and tuna fish. My reason for owning these products is because no qualitative equivalent is available. Because Japan's work force is both disciplined and homogenous, the quality of these products is impeccable. They are well organized and strivers. Not to say that there aren't inherent faults with some of their products or that they don't have a personal Mr. Hyde side.
Getting back to the main topic, the American government recruited the likes of Werner von Braun, without second thoughts about any ethics. Regarding medical experiments, it's also a question of the ends justifying the means or not, regarding practical justification. Morally however, this is questionable. The proper way to justify using such usable data (most of it was reported to not having had any medical value whatsoever. In other words, most of these experiments are said to have been useless altogether) would be to obtain concessions from the victims of whom most of them are no longer here to ask. Supposedly, most of them didn't even survive experimentation.
Unlike medical victims, the victims of rocket science were consequential victims or "Collateral Damage" and not direct victims of arbitration, if one were to weigh out the application morality of each.

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