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Unorthodox Series and a question on online resources
I'd actually not heard of until just now. It looks like a very well-maintained website with lots of information. I'm not sure about who put the site together in terms of their affiliation, but they seem to be attempting to put out materials from a plurality of Jewish perspectives. Their stated goal is to introduce the academic side of questions to the Torah portions. It seems honorable to me.

I loved Unorthodox and ended up watching it three times in a week. My favorite line was when Moishe and Yanki came to Esti's mother's house in Berlin. She stopped them at the door and told Moishe, "Don't threaten me. This isn't your world; you have no power here." It broke me every time. The fear in her voice, the way she closed the door and told her girlfriend not to call the police. This shook me. That and when Esti introduced her mother to her new friends, and when Yanki came to her audition.

The whole thing broke my heart, and I wish we could know if she was accepted to the program and where she went from there. I realize that the Berlin portion of the series was fictional and not really based on the life of Ms Feldman, but Esti really connected to my heart, and I wish I could know more of what happened with her afterwards in the author's mind. Thanks for bringing it up, even in passing.

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