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YouTube Videos about Hasidic Jews
(12-23-2020, 06:50 PM)searchinmyroots Wrote: You are very welcome!

I thought they are pretty inspiring and give a good look inside as to what most media would not promote.

My Mom reviewed books for the local newspaper when I was growing up so she had a pretty good library, which I would also devour. In high school I started reading all of her Chaim Potok novels, which I absolutely loved. Then I moved on to Elie Wiesel, whose so very profound books still haunt and enchant me to this day. So I have some very basic familiarity with, and a great love for, the Hasidic culture. I used to consider converting to Judaism, and even spoke with a lovely Chabad rabbi, but ultimately decided, out of respect, that I will always be an outsider, and do not necessarily believe in God anyway. I don't actively disbelieve in God, but, as my agnostic grandfather used to say, "How can finite human minds even begin to understand the Infinite?" I hope for God even if I don't really believe. Anyway, let me just say that I love and respect the Hasidim, even if from a distance, nonetheless a distance that seems very intimate and profound.

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