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Tombs and Museums
Recently I wrote to ASk A RABBI  on Chabad the following query 28 April 2021:
Jewish Orthadox objection to tomb moving?:
 Is it true that when remains of ancient  israelite tombs are found-do the Orthadox object to these rements being reconstructed and placed in Museums? Do they feel it would be more consitant with Torah teaching to have reconstructed these tombs and Left them in place?

Reply from Mendel Adelman 29 April 2021
Hey ,

It would be more consistent to Torah to leave them in place. The remains of the dead are not meant to be a spectacle. They are meant to "return to the earth". For example, the Chief Rabbinate of Israel forbade going to a Body Works museum as it "shames the dead". See  Shut Da'at Cohain #199.  Piskei Uziel #32.
A person who is buried is said to have "acquired the ground in which they lie" (Yerushalmi Nazir 7:1).
The tombs can be studied. But, to be taken for viewing in museum's is less than ideal.
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