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East and West against Israel and End of Days
The Arab States; Europe and the World against Israel

Terror in Our Time - Kabbalah prophecies - Current Events (

and dont forget Iran the US under Obuma refusal to Veto UN resolution has given
Iran the "Moral authority" to wage Jihad against Israel-how Iran help drive the Jews from Yemen and has vowed to support every anti Israel "Freedom Fighters" against Israel..

Purim Then, Iran Today (
O Israel...Trust in the words of the L-D and not the words of men Jewish settlements in Judea; Samaria, Gaza and the Sinai...keep Jerusalem reunited....welcome Jewish refugees from Arab/Muslin states and throuout the World with thy right hand..and use the left hand to exhile all those from Land of Israel..all who hate thee

Jews in galut
Listen to the L-D
Do not try to be gentiles

Come Home and go Up
Nitzavim - Last Shabbat of 5781 - Israel National News

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