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Judaism: The Jewish communites in Arab Middle East are dying
ID Asked A Rabbi query About those Jews in Galat who refuse to leave when the L-D calls them back...
Here is the responce 9 April 2021


In the final redemption from this present exile - no Jew will be left - please see about this.

Please don't hesitate to write back if you have any further questions.

Best wishes,

Simcha Bart
See April 2021 Article on Point of No Return on Jews In Tunisa...

The same old pattern following Jews in Egypt; Iraq; Yemen
1} Jews are accused of being Aliens and Spys for Israel
2) Jews Protest that they have lived in particular Country for a long time (Since the Time of King Solomon} and are not traitors
3) The population forms anti Jewish riots
4} Jews are stripped of any basic rights and confined to a ghetto subject to attacks by the populace and armed "Guards" who give them a choice of "Convert or Die"
5} Jews Property (large or small) is stolen from them
6) Those that realize they are not wanted leave with nothing more than their Clothing; their memories..and if they are lucky a Torah scroll
7) When the country is Judenfrei the Synagague is converted into a mosque or destroyed as is the Jewish cemetery,,,, the populace declares the day a National Holiday; the United Nations condems Israel for daring to take Jews out of that country without their permission,


Choice is theirs...stay and die or GO UP and Live.....
The article in Question
Before I forget... the Jewish men Will be killed; Jewish women will be kidnapped and forced to Marry Non Jews {Any children will be technically Jewish but will grow up assimilated without knowlege of what it is to be Jewish)....
Jewish Virtual Library 2019-2020 Lists of Jews Updated 
Lebanon 29
Syria 0
Iran 8,500
Iraq 3
Oman 0
Yeman 7
Algeria 200
egypt 9
Libya 0
Morroco 2,100
Tunisa 1,000
Eriteria 1
Afghanstan 1
Turkey (14,000 in 2019 from 17,000 several years before {Jewish population shrinking}
The only large Jewish Populations are in Turkey; Iran, Morrocco, Tunisa  algeria all the rest are dying
(03-31-2021, 04:23 PM)Nooone Wrote: ...The following Jewish populations have been dropping



The Following have a few Jews left


...Yemen total number of Live Jews is 4 to 6...

The Following have 1 Jew left apeice

The following Countires have NO Jewish Population
Saudi Arabia
Algerian resident Jews (most of them) fled, in order to escape the violence resulting from insurrection against colonial power France, way back in 1961.
Meddling in Iranian internal affairs resulted in the emergence of an Islamic clerical-led regime. Iraqi and Lybian instability also have external roots.
Afghanistan was a great place under Soviet modernization. Nobody in their right mind would want to go there since. 
Are you absolutely sure about Syria? As Assad's father ruled, this wasn't an issue. It's safe to assume that the country's instability is the initiator of flight. Also a result of foreign interference in the country's internal affairs.
Bangladesh, Egypt, Eritrea and Yemen are Hell holes. Jews aren't the only ones who have enough sense to stay away from those places. In other words, flight from those places isn't yet a Jewish hallmark.
As soon as flight begins from desirable countries, it's only then that prophecy begins fullfillment.
According to Wikipedia History of Jews in Syria No Jews live there....
Soon for all Arab/Muslin countries the space for Jewish Population will be O....May the L-d Protect those that flee and all Go Up0 to Israel and Live as Jews
80 years ago the rement of European Jews came Home to Israel after the Shoah
today the Jews of Arab states/middle east Africa are being subject to the closing phases of 73 years of Persecution
\Now only the Jews of the west and the rest of the world are left.....
For my last words on this website...when the Arab States of Middle east/Africa/Asia proclaim their countries Judenfrei they will come against the West In Jihad.....being possibly right in regard to the present/future of galat me no all,,,may the L-d Guide them home..and may they..continue to live as People of The Book..In Israel...
(07-03-2021, 02:54 AM)Nooone Wrote: ...when the Arab States of Middle east/Africa/Asia proclaim their countries Judenfrei  they will come against the West In Jihad...

As if they're not already doing so. Just a week ago, three women (intentionally tagetted as such) were killed in a stabbing spree, in Germany. The following day, a 13 year young girl was premeditatedly drugged, raped and killed in Austria: Her corpse was then placed remotely from where the violence took place. Three either minors or pretend "minors" were taken into custody. Often enough, these terrorists enter their victim countries under the pretense of supposedly being underaged.
In any event, this Jihad is mostly peacefully, taking place through numerous births, such as the wasp who lays her eggs on the spider to be devoured alive uses her host. As soon as demographics turn in their favor, we can expect a neo-Ottoman Empire in which both Jews and decendants of indegenous Europeans will be forced to flee. This is not the fault of the Jihadists. They only act in accordance to the limits of their intellectual capacity. Those at fault are the politicians who give this lot the keys to their countries. The Jews residing in these countries are now caught in the crossfire, similar to how those still residing in the armed conflict zones of Yemen and Syria are.
Therefore, because not only Jews are fleeing these turbulent Middle Eastern zones, but rather also any other visible foreigner, one has to take this movement of people with a grain of salt. Much more threatening would be the movement of Jews from developed countries. Starting from this point, one could lable such movement as the beginning of a serious exodus.
I forgot to mention Lebanon, in my previous post. The main reason for flight from there is purely economic, since their currency has taken a near free fall. As long as mass corruption continues to rule there, there really isn't any point in staying.

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