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Judaism: Non-Jewish writer needs help with story about Jewish Mythology
I don't want to say what my religion is but Jewish mythology has always fascinated particular that idea of the Golem. So, I'm writing a webcomic and one of the HARDEST arcs I have planned is where the main character one day finds a temple once belonging to a Golem village in his backyard where it wasn't there before. When the main character and his friends explore the place, it triggers a bunch of switches that open up the temple. In the center of the insides of the temple is a odd-looking Metutelet, otherwise known as the Jewish Pendulum or the Hebrew Pendulum. When I mean odd, I mean that most Pendulums are made of simple beechwood cylinders crossed by a cotton cord. This one is a weird, constantly shifting glowing crystal with Hebrew symbols on it, connected to a silver chain. When the main characters grab it, it teleports them to California, where they go on a "National Treasure" style adventure to why they were teleported and find a way back home. From what I've learned (and please feel free to prove me wrong) "The Metutelet, [...] not only has the ability to Diagnosis [sic] of diseases, [but also] To find water, To find minerals, Locating lost objects, Finding missing persons or animals, etc ... It also can act as a support [sic] in the art of Feng Shui, and the use of Tarot [sic]...". As such the main characters are pulled by the magical force inside the Metutelet to find multiple objects that lead them to the revelation that their world was once protected by a race of Golems before they were nearly wiped out and the source of their power was destroyed by an evil snake known as 
"Apophis". The main character was chosen as part of some cliche chosen one prophecy to go back in time with the Golem magic and get the original, odd crystal that the Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel of Prague of Prague used to make the first Golem, known as Joseph (from what my research has told me, which isn't much, the first golem was called Joseph). So the main character goes back and it's revealed the crystal never went missing, he just took it, and when he comes back to the present, the crystal instantly changes the "Met" on the foreheads of the Golems (meaning dead) to "emet", meaning truth or, in this case, alive; and the golem population is restored.

Does this sound like a lot? Does this sound confusing? Does this sound irritating that I got any of them wrong? Please let me know, because this is my goal.
- I'm trying to figure out why the demon snake Apophis would want to kill the Golems, and why it waited this long for them to come back.
- A subplot is in there where an archeologist claims that the US government was hiding the golems in the US instead of in Prague for their protection. Why? And it's not because the US is anti-semetic or corrupt in this story.
- Most importantly, what items of Jewish mysticism could the main characters find that the golems would hide away so that a worthy one would find it to accept this herculean task? I tried looking up items like that but all I got were the usual (Star of David, Ring of Solomon, etc). I want more original stuff.
- Why have the golems waited for so long? Why have they awoken NOW? I was going to have a big demonic entity resurface and the golems coming back would signal his forecoming, as well as the main characters being the chosen one to stop it, but that just seems to cliche and I want to flesh out the Golems' influence in this story world.

I would really appreciate it if you guys would help a dumb neophyte like myself with developing this story. There are some people of the Jewish faith in my area but they seemed distant and weirded out when I asked them, and did not want to help me. Hope you have the time to do so. Thanks in advance and God bless.
I wouldn't say that you are dumb. I would say that your post indicates that you don't know the difference between authentic Kabbalah and the non-Jewish bast*rdizations of the Jewish mystical tradititon. Jewish/Hebrew pendulums are not part of authentic Kabbalah. 

Maybe it is not such a good idea to write a story that depends, at least in part, on knowledge you do not have.
בקש שלום ורדפהו

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