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Meshiah is coming
I will not worry anyone, but you see some weird incidents?

The war in Syria is a real war, no matter what news-channels tell you: Russia, USA and the EU (in NATO-disguise) is in action with a thousands of soldiers!

Men did event a non-existant gender and made it a reality with legally enforcement (every vacancy in companies here in the EU and the public are held in femal / male / divers).

The governments are acting increasingly crazy. I don't understand it!

Europe is flooded by a wave of immigrants, not thousands, there are millions. Especially Germany and France has its problems with the muslim-population (different social values, agressive young men,) And the war is at the gates of Russia, since the EU made a huge step to the right with all the countries, formerly were "warsaw pact" countries, like Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungaria). What would you think, if you were the president of Russia?

China is rising, economically and military.

Corona-Virus: All around the globe, with its governmental restrictions all around the globe. The death-toll worldwide is normal (check the numbers) and the goverments are behaving "strange" what is it about?

There are some strange incidents around the globe, impacting everyone of us.

The north pole is moving in an worrying matter :

The world is shaking.

It seems to me, that HaShem has engaged the next level.
What do you think?

I wonder maybe the spanish inquisition gives the real thinking?
(07-06-2020, 05:31 AM)GavrielbenNoah77 wrote: I will not worry anyone, but you see some weird incidents?...............

It seems to me, that HaShem has engaged the next level.
What do you think?

I think you need to take a deep breath and then brew yourself a nice cup of hot tea. Find a nice pastry to go with the tea and then locate a quiet place to eat your pastry and drink your tea. 

Sip and munch slowly until you calm down.
בקש שלום ורדפהו
Good advice. I think, you are right Smile
When I have had dreams about the distant future, I take that as a sign that my spiritual practices have been off and need refocusing; I would rather have "Give us this day our daily bread" type dreams and thoughts. It is certainly appropriate for some to contemplate the great and grand things; but it is not for me.

As for "Europe is flooded by a wave of immigrants"--Ishmael was blessed in Genesis 17:20 and this could be a continuation of that blessing.

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