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Help with educational material for conversion

I am currently undergoing a local reform/conservative class and conversion. The local Orthodox community told us we were not welcome in their classes or communities so it was the only option left. We actually went through an Orthodox conversion class for almost a year but couldn't graduate because we did not live within an Eruv of an Orthodox community.

So my main question is to source the best material to help us go through conversion as best as we can during this time without being around other people. I have an Artscroll Tanach, To be a Jew, and The Mitzvot. Learning Hebrew is extremely important and we have learned the alphabet as well as some words prayers and songs but still have a lot of trouble there. So any well accepted books, movies, websites, programs would be very welcome.

I imagine someone is a Shul with a very well organized program for converts to help with all this, the classes we are taking here are very very basic, and come from a viewpoint that the Torah is not divine but widely open to interpretation, which personally i do not agree with. We definitely lean Orthodox at a minimum and definitely do not in general agree with a Reform perspective but all i know is Torah i do not understand the community and sects and things like that very much at all.

Please if you have any first hand experience or suggestions we would greatly appreciate it.  This is the most important process i feel like my family can go through and i do not want it to be handled so lightly i hope this makes sense to others out there and peaks your interest to help guide us.

Also if anyone can shed light on the differences between Ultra-Orthodox and Mainstream Orthodox, to be able to tell the differences and understand it more that would help. We have several communities that claim Orthodoxy but seem nothing at all alike, and even a friend that is from New York and has parents from Israel said the Jewish community here is unrecognizable to them. 

Thank you all once again.

Hey MatthewColorado,
you have written in several postings that you do not really feel comfortable with the interpretation and teachings of your local Reform/Conservative Congregation and that you prefer Orthodox. Do you think that moving into their walking distance might be possible in one way or another? Would you want to attend their services if you could? Would you feel content if you complete your conversion process in a Reform/Conservative shul?

That being said, there are also some online conversion programs available. Completing such a program without any other community involvement could be a bit unbalanced, but if you use it for additional learning, it might help you in learning more. Here is an orthodox one: I stand corrected, I read the page I just encountered wrongly and they do not actually offer orthodox online conversions. But maybe you find online Teaching or online classes! Sorry about the confusion.

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