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Ashkenazi roots
I was brought up to believe my family was Ashkenazic. I didn’t know my grandmother at all, but recently I came across old papers that seem to show she had a Sephardi background and considered herself Sephardi. I now sense a certain ambiguity around my ancestry. Also I wonder why my parents ignored her altogether in calling themselves pure Ashkenazi. They’re dead so I can’t ask them, but it all feels strange and disconcerting... Has anyone experienced anything similar..?
Welcome to the forum Steven!

Can't say I've had or know anyone that has had a similar experience, just wanted to welcome you here.

I don't know of anyone who has undergone that exact thing, but it is common for a Sephardic woman to take on her Ashkenazi husbands minhagim rather than continue to practice her own. Perhaps that lead to them not knowing she was Sephardic or not considering it important?
There is an unfortunate history of anti-Sephardi and anti-Mizrahi bias which may account for the silence.

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