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Judaism: Iraqi Jewish Archive....and its destiny
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I admit frankly I do not register with new forums..however in this case  I have made an exception.....

In 2003 the US rescuded Iraqi Jewish Archives after they had been Saddam Hussein....they were in bad condition....and were the US Goverment is considering to give heritage ...not to the community it was stolen from but the Iraqi Goverment..... Huh Angry Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh

For those who read this story and feel they must do something   there is an online pettiton....

The Archives at Iraqi Jewish Archive | (
Preserving the Iraqi Jewish Archive | National Archives

The story In regard to the Iraqi Jewish Archive...please see article link to protest....against giving it away....

The petition is at Don't let the Jewish archive go back to Iraq! (
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Up update I received this from Rabbi P. Waldham from ASk the Rabbi which I would like to share:
Shalom TF;

Thank you for your interesting question.

It is important that we save the tradition and keep to it. This is firmly based in the fact that Sephardim and Ashkenazim stick to their stringencies, prayers and even some of their leniencies, despite moving to a ‘melting pot’ area, such as New York – (source: “Igrot Moshe” by R’ M. Feinstein, O.C. I 159; “Yabia Omer” by R’ O. Yosef, V O.C. 37).
From Eretz Hemdah 4/4/2021

We are not familiar with the particular case you referenced but generally it would certainly seem that preserving a community's heritage is a worthy enterprise, especially when it involves sacred writings.
Received a similar answear to query at

While I am not familiar with the particular instance that you are referring to. In general, we should help Jews not only survive, but to help them preserve their heritage too.

Best wishes
How do you propose that Jews remain living in Arab-majority countries?
If the goverment they live under..fallows the Yemen pattern...thenget out and go up to Israel....
If the goverment does not fallow the Yemen pattern...let the Jews of that community deceide if they stay or go...
One Iraqi  Jewish Scroll rescued from Arab hands
WATCH: Israel Police Uncover Ancient Sefer Torah In Arab Village - The Yeshiva World

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