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Judaism: The Jewish communites in Arab Middle East are dying
ID Asked A Rabbi query About those Jews in Galat who refuse to leave when the L-D calls them back...
Here is the responce 9 April 2021


In the final redemption from this present exile - no Jew will be left - please see about this.

Please don't hesitate to write back if you have any further questions.

Best wishes,

Simcha Bart
See April 2021 Article on Point of No Return on Jews In Tunisa...

The same old pattern following Jews in Egypt; Iraq; Yemen
1} Jews are accused of being Aliens and Spys for Israel
2) Jews Protest that they have lived in particular Country for a long time (Since the Time of King Solomon} and are not traitors
3) The population forms anti Jewish riots
4} Jews are stripped of any basic rights and confined to a ghetto subject to attacks by the populace and armed "Guards" who give them a choice of "Convert or Die"
5} Jews Property (large or small) is stolen from them
6) Those that realize they are not wanted leave with nothing more than their Clothing; their memories..and if they are lucky a Torah scroll
7) When the country is Judenfrei the Synagague is converted into a mosque or destroyed as is the Jewish cemetery,,,, the populace declares the day a National Holiday; the United Nations condems Israel for daring to take Jews out of that country without their permission,


Choice is theirs...stay and die or GO UP and Live.....
The article in Question
Before I forget... the Jewish men Will be killed; Jewish women will be kidnapped and forced to Marry Non Jews {Any children will be technically Jewish but will grow up assimilated without knowlege of what it is to be Jewish)....

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