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Israel: Jewish yearig for Jerusalem
A few dats ago I asked ASk a Rabbi Question i asked the fact the Jewish Communites outside of Israel had named their Communites Jerusalem  for example Vilna Lithanuania was called this because of the Jewish Scholarship the query was by their naming their communites such as New Jerusalem were they distracting from the fact Jerusalem Israel is the one and only undevidable capital of Jews around the World?
On April 20,2021 i received the following answear:

Thank you for your question.

Even while calling their respective homes or centers of Jewish learning "Jerusalem" the Jewish people continued to pray countless times a day to be returned to our Holy Land and the actual Jerusalem. They named those places Jerusalem in recognition of the fact that Jerusalem is not just a physical place but a spiritual reality where G-d's presence is openly experienced. They were expressing their yearning to be brought back to our home. These cities of Torah study were places that served as points of spiritual light within the darkness of exile.

If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

All the best,
Rabbi Shlomie Deren

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