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Questions about being Jewish
Hi everyone,

I currently a student attending Marist College in New York. I was wondering if anyone could help me out and answer 4 questions I have about being Jewish? I am currently writing an observational study about Judaism and Jewish people and your input would be greatly appreciated.

4 questions:

Were you raised by Jewish parents or relatives, if so what was your early life like practicing Judaism? If you were not raised by Jewish parents or relatives, why did you choose Judaism?

I recently watched a Synagogue service and saw alot of singing. My two questions are: Do you go to a Synagogue service regularly? What is the synagogue you attend or have attended like (is there alot of singing, preaching etc.)?

What does the word shalom mean to you?

How has COVID-19 affected you as a Jewish person? Have you went to Synagogue service since COVID-19 (if so, online or in person)? If you have went have you noticed anything different in the services (different preaching/ prayers, social distancing, mask wearing, etc.)?

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