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Haman has been elected President of Iran
Haman to Hitler to Raishi.....
Remembering Nosrat Goel: Iranian Jewish martyr | Karmel Melamed | The Blogs (
See also related Article comparing Raishi to Hitler 
The more things seem to change The More they Stay the same
More insight on Iran, initiated by the covert tanker war going on over there.
As soon as China completes their stretch of the Belt & Road project through Iran, the effect of sanctions will start to dwindle, unless drones start destroying roadway oil shipment towards China by then:

August 3, 1940  the passing of a defender of the Jewish people Vladimir Jabotinsky who fought 37 years for Jewish people to settle in the Land of Israel and defend themselves died in New York State

August 3, 2021 the taking of Office the President of Iran a new Haman Ebrahim Raisi who will kill in the name of religion and is wholeheartly supports the Idea Israel should be wiped off the face of the map

Interestingly I checked the Hebrew calender for 3 August 2021
I found the following message that those in exhile should go Up to Israel...

Tuesday, August 3, 2021 / Av 25, 5781 - Jewish Calendar - Hebrew Calendar (

Also remember Deuteronomy 3:19-20:

Any other warnings that Jews in Iran; the Persian Gulf; Lebanon; Turkey; Egypt all those in reach of Raisi  {Rasha] flee to Israel and live?
China march westward Ho...
Haman Political cabinet as Hardline as he is
To the map add the ports of Hafia and Ashdod

Could it be that China is hedging its bets on Iran?

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