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Why am I the target of such horrible bigotry now?
I took Jewish online classes at the library...
After I did that, this is what happened.

This is the kind of stuff I face everyday on the internet, especially on the internet, because Im not native to Judaism, my temperament and my lifestyle is more like my Tutonic roots..
And I'm physically too well built to for somebody just run their mouth to me on the street with all kinds of vile crap..
Because I'm into sports, and I'm into the weights and into the pool, and into the MMA.. lol

But online, where people hide behind a keyboard..
This is what I face everyday..

This is sarcasm that I did...but this is really the attitude that I face..

A guy goes to Penn State, taking up a subject that is beyond his personal competency and aptitude..
It's not his lack aptitude that made him fail his classes, I'm the one who made him fail his classes, and I run CNN too, when the media calls him out as the jerk that he is.
I'm the reason why some 20 year old moron is $18,000 in credit card debt..
Of course, not because he bought $18,000 of video games right?
It's not video games, but me, I'm the reason why he bought $18,000 worth of video games on credit, right?
Somebody buys a house on credit, as is nearly always the case...
He bites off more than he can chew..
It's my fault he lost his house...
I'm supposed to just give him $500,000 of my money... And kiss his butt.. lol
I mean.. it's my fault that he bought a lawyers house, with a cook's job.
And if you believe that, I also have a laboratory in my basement..
And I wanted to see if I can poison the public with some kind of man made respiratory virus..
And that's how covid 19 happened..
It's my fault that somebody got covid.
And I'm also not allowed to do the best I can do in my life...
I mean really...  I mean the purpose of my existence in the world, is to have somebody with half of my skills, earn about a third more, just to keep somebody from being jealous of me...

It also my fault that the stupid south owned slaves, which is dangerous to do and serves as a liability to the south.. and that of course bad things don't last.. and today they can't just sit on their asses, forcing blacks to do all the work for them...

I'm the reason why they can't do that anymore..
Not human advancement, not evolving thought about the value of human life, not the nature of economics...
But my fault...
I'm the reason why the slave owners can't oppress blacks anymore on the plantations..
And I'm the reason , not human nature...
But me.. I'm the reason why the demands for black civil rights (rightfully) succeeded...


It's my fault that Derek chauvin committed murder on TV and got what he deserved...


Derek chauvin is innocent, and I own CNN, and with all my billions of dollars, I photoshopped the video to frame Derek chauvin right ?

I mean, killing people on TV is supposed to make people cheer..I mean really..

But why do I face these problems because I took Judaism classes because I found it interesting, and found the Jewish people to be fun to talk to ?
are you saying those things all happened to you after you took online classes?
(07-07-2021, 08:58 AM)AceGuy Wrote: ...But online, where people hide behind a keyboard..
This is what I face everyday...

If you find this common type of behavior to be annoying, just wait until you join a German bicycle forum where it's real bad there.
Worse yet is when civil servants behave arbitrarilly in such a manner, during when public offices are closed do to that laboratory-designed pandemic you were refering to. Since entry to public offices have been prohibited, the statistics on physical aggression against civil servants has dramatically changed to their favor.
(07-11-2021, 10:31 PM)Chavak Wrote: are you saying those things all happened to you after you took online classes?

Yes and after I visited a synagogue, I face anti-Semitism.

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