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GI Jewish Soldiers 1941-1945
Quoteing Daryavesh's first post on this thread isn't functioning. I think, he'll know which sentence I'm referring to:
Likely, simply through the process of elimination, since other minorities wouldn't have moved into such places in the first place.
Why did your mother choose to move your family to exactly that spot? Were there any Italians or Irish (Catholic) residents there?
I attended school in a suburb of Detroit, as previously mentioned in one of my first posts. You would think that these northern suburbs would be far enough away from Texas. But from the behavior of a few of these kids back then, one could have become the impression that there was a Klucker chapter somewhere nearby. The amount of blind hate displayed by grade school children who weren't old enough to have had the typical hatred-fomenting life experiences of which one would have at an adult age is astonishing. Especially when the victims of such bullying were identified through their last names only and not through any visible means of which would set them apart from other non-W.A.S.P. children. The boy in question has neither arrived to grade school wearing a Kippa nor wearing long sidelocks typical of Hassidism and the other victim was a girl.
I only can remember two assailants of this type, during my entire grade school experience. Therefore, I couldn't pick up on what parallel classes were experiencing.
Usually, children's opinions hardly ever coincide with that of their parents, unless maybe the family became victim of a home invasion of which was never heard of in the early Sixties suburbia. The one boy grew up in a single-parent family and the other's familial situation was unknown, since he seemed to be a loner. He displayed no trace of having a southern accent. So, it would be a waste of time not to rule out a direct connection with a former geographic environment capable of inspiring such strong opinion-making. Judging by his mannerism, one can assume that his parents didn't achieve any social status beyond that of no skilled to, at best, a blue collar level. Back then, because the Dollar was still strong and wage-bargaining still effective, the social genderism on the housing market equivalent to how it is today was not yet possible. So, you could have had someone pushing a broom at a factory being able to buy a house within close vicinity to that of a skilled tradesman, architect, plant supervisor or school teacher. At least, close enough so that all of their children attended the same schools.
Thank you for your response, Alan. It was my Step-dad who made the decision to move us to that place. Mom hated living there.

I really do not know how the Ku Kluxers discovered that Mom, Sis and I were Jewish. Mom instructed us to keep a low profile, observe others and learn to 'fit in'. My Step-dad was from an old Creole French family and the Ku Kluxers weren't very happy about him, either. Sis is his daughter and she and Mom have his family name just as I have my Dad's family name. Neither are particularly Jewish sounding.

To the best of my knowledge, we were the only Jews living in that small Texas town except for a Dentist and his family. We did not know them well and some years later after he committed suicide, his family moved away.

My only remembrances of them were being chosen by my teacher to be in the annual school nativity play when I was in 2nd grade. So I would have been about 7 years of age at the time.

She chose me to play the role of 'Joseph'. 'Mary' was played by one of the Dentist's daughters and their infant brother was the baby 'Jesus'.

There was a burro in the play, as well. I led him onstage with 'Mary' riding him. Then I helped her down and the burro busied himself eating from the straw that was spread onstage to represent the manger.

We heard the parents in the audience giggling and realized the burro was raising his tail from time to time and dropping a load. Couldn't be helped, so we did the best we could not to step in it and to deliver our lines. I remember 'Mary's' real name was Rivkah and she was called 'Becky' in school. I cannot recall her baby brother's name now. 1955 was a long time ago. It wasn't until I was in 6th grade that the older sons of the Ku Kluxers began jumping me. This ended in 9th grade.

Regarding the Ku Kluxers...... I do not know their familial nor their ethnic origins, Alan. Things such as that were never of interest to me as a young boy. I still do not care much about a person's origins. So long as they treat me with respect same as I will treat them, it really doesn't matter to me.

All the best,

(10-20-2021, 07:18 AM)Daryavesh wrote: ...There is not a 'politically correct' bone in my body and I stringently oppose unwarranted censorship and 'cancel culture', as a matter of principle. Attempts by would-be despots and tyrants at manipulating people's behaviour (and by extension, their thinking) by way of draconian carrot and stick 'social credit systems'...
That's all part of the Great Transformation, best explained by the person featured in the following video with that strong British accent:

Yes, I am familiar with these matters, Alan. However, I believe there is no place here for a substantive, in depth House of Hillel VS House of Shammai sort of discussion of such matters. I sincerely hope this is not the case, but this is my impression thus far.

So I will withhold further comment. For now.

All the best,


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