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Israel: How did 500,000 1948 Palestinian Arab “refugees” allegedly get to 5.5 million?
Whereas the Jewish people have Judah heritage (“Jew”=citizen of “Judah” - Judaism is both an ethnicity as well as a religion), by comparison the “Palestinian” Arabs have an artificial, unique, and arguably by common-sense a bogus refugee status, that passes through the generations, obtained from the Arab-dominated United Nations (below). It is a refugee device comparable to rules characteristic of obtaining a nationality. Not surprising then the “Palestinian” Arabs were awarded their own refugee agency: “The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East” (“UNRWA”).

What is the purpose of the “Palestinian” Arab unique, bogus-refugee status that passes through the generations?

The purpose of their refugee device is to inflate the number of alleged-refugees for bundling with their false-claim for a “right of return”, as a (fraudulent) means of “invading” Israel. It is a refugee status allowed in no other refugee situation - see:
The “Palestinian” Arab false-“right of return” is the use of their unique, bogus-refugee status, to inflate their 500,000 unverified 1948 war refugees, into today’s alleged 5.5 million bogus-refugees; a figure which in reality is simply a (fraudulent) means of “invading” Israel.
UNRWA.Org webpage seeking to defend the “Palestinian” Arab bogus refugee status that passes through the generations, while falsely-comparing the separate: “Derivative” status:
As the reader will appreciate such “Palestinian” Arab bogus-refugee status that passes through the generations, is something not permitted in any other refugee situation. This of course dishonestly distorts the number of refugees. Such dishonesty based on political bias cannot be imposed on Israel.
What about those “Palestinian Refugee Camps”?
How do the “Palestinian” Arab purported refugee-camps obtain their status as “refugee camps”?
Simply by the presence within them of those “Palestinian Arab refugees” having their unique bogus-refugee status that passes through the generations:
Therefore the “Palestinian” Arabs find it convenient to mislead the world about their true status, by calling many of their towns: “refugee camps” in order to fraudulently tap international aid money.
From where did the “Palestinian” Arab obtain their bogus refugee status?
The “Palestinian” Arabs obtained their bogus refugee status from the Arab-dominated United Nations.
U.N. polices are fully-complicit with “Palestinian” Arab propaganda denying Jewish roots in the land of Israel. The U.N. built-in pro-Palestinian bias is due to its block-vote of what is now up to 56 Arab and additional Islamic-aligned countries (e.g. U.N. member states that are now also members of the “Organization of Islamic Cooperation” and follow its policies when voting in the U.N.), plus the influence of Arab oil money with consequential trading-power; compared to Israel being just one country.
Israel was Re-established in 1948 following a United Nations Partition Plan under resolution 181, which had sought to set up two states, one Jewish and one Arab. The then Palestinian Jewish Community had accepted the U.N. Partition Plan, but it requires more than one party to constitute an agreement. The “Palestinian” Arab response was in 1947 to start a civil war and terror to oppose the U.N. Partition Plan and instead take ALL the land of Israel, a primary objective of which (example below) was to ethnically-cleanse or murder the Jewish population from the Jews ancestral homeland of Israel:
Refugees are a sad characteristic of war but the Arab countries did not need to attack the newly re-established Israel in 1948 with intentions same as the “Palestinian” Arabs, to expel or murder the Jews. Some “Palestinian” Arabs were made refugees, just as there were caused at the same time also Jewish refugees.
There is no evidence of any policy by Israel to cause “Palestinian” Arabs to leave, but rather the latter were under the impression (encouraged by Arab propaganda of the time) that they could return (rather quickly as they assumed) once the new state had been destroyed.

Jews were indeed expelled by the Arabs as policy:
In 1948 Jordan illegally-occupied (that part of) Judah/Samaria (since known as the “West Bank”), and East Jerusalem from which the Jordanians expelled the Jews:
“Palestinian” Arab propaganda falsely-alleges the Re-establishment of Israel caused: a “great injustice” / “nakba” (“catastrophe” / “disaster”) to the “Palestinian” Arabs.
In reality:
 > The “Palestinian” Arabs violently rejected the Arab state of the United Nations Partition Plan;
 > Jordan and Egypt occupied the land proposed for an Arab state under the U.N. Partition Plan (approximating to the West Bank and Gaza);
 > BOTH Arabs and Jews, became war-refugees;
 > The Palestinians falsely-claim with no evidence of any such policy that they were expelled from the land; Jews were indeed expelled by the Arabs as policy (for example from Jerusalem (above)).
 > “Palestinian” Arabs live and work in Israel.
Therefore the reader is entitled to be skeptical about “Palestinian” Arab propaganda alleging a fantasy-injustice.
One argument has it that Arab refugees had owned land / homes in the land of Israel, but land / home ownership does not of itself amount to proof of entitlement to the sovereignty of the country in which a community lives.

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