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Silicon Valley Tech Billionaire is Claiming “The Holocaust Never Happened”
Silicon Valley tech billionaire Chris Kelsey claims that the holocaust never occurred:

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The video that you linked to has been removed from YouTube due to user complaints.

Lots of people deny the reality of the Holocaust. This specific guy has made the statement that death itself is a joke. He denies reality right and left. Why should we care what he thinks?
He cannot deny that Jewsih people had been persecuted for many centuries.
About 100 million people died in WWII. Somewhere around 6 million Jews were either directly murdered, starved, died of disease, this also includes natural causes which is directly or indirectly related to the war.

Why is this 6% statistic so hard for people to believe ?

Did 100 million people die during WWII ? Were Jews exempt ?
I don't know about this Chris Kelsey person, but I've lurked on forums where people deny the Holocaust ever happened, because I wanted to try to figure out their thinking.  A lot of them are circulating the idea that "proof" that the Holocaust never happened is shown by encyclopedia sets from the 1950s that don't have an entry under the specific word "Holocaust."  Of course, that's not any sort of proof about the Holocaust.  There are entries in old encyclopedias about WWII which describe the concentration camps.
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