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Israel: Are the Palestinian Arabs as they claim really victims, or are they victim-makers?
(11-25-2021, 03:26 PM)Lorotzelotzarich Wrote: Robert,

The Pro-Palestinian crowd is extremely much better at anti-Israel propaganda as the misinformation is parroted heavily across numerous media sources (including non-Arab) while pro-Israel is rarely seen outside of Israeli (and very few Jewish websites) media sources. I've been fighting antisemitism online for decades and have found little to no support in discussion threads.

The word Palestine was created three times in history to disconnect Jews from the Levant. First was by the Romans, Second was by the British and third was by Jordan. The PLO was created in 1964 to destroy Israel and not name a people.

As to how to reverse this trend of Jews in the diaspora leaning further and further Left. it requires Jews to go to mainstream websites and debunk the misinformation on their websites and not create websites that no one will read. Their thinking of the rhyme "Sticks and stones may break my bones But words shall never hurt me" has historically not worked as we have entered the the third millennia of antisemitism.

The main area where Jewish people currently need to properly and effectively debunk "Palestinian" Arab propaganda, is on social media, specifically: "Facebook" and "Twitter". They need to do this using accurate and effective information with sources in support. 
If just one person gets known for being able to do this, they will eventually be: 
Expelled from the Group to which they are posting, 
or blocked from it, 
or shadow-banned; 
but all of that is much less likely to occur if many Jewish people were to rebut "Palestinian" Arab propaganda rather than one person; and also, do it in an effective manner! 

Rebutting propaganda in an effective manner means using accurate information supported by objective-sources, because: 
Ineffectual defense, is worse than no attempt at defense.
(11-25-2021, 03:31 PM)Alan_Boskov Wrote:
Robert you will seek to disabuse such Jewish people of their misapprehension, while making certain to keep within the size of text you have let me know you consider appropriate; and also while providing them with proof for your reasoning, so they will be less likely to react to you by dismissing what you say to them, as: “Propaganda”, “Hasbara”, “D[/b]ehumanization”,[b] “Subterfuge”, “Rant”, “Lies”, “Fake”, “Spam”...

The best way to do so would be to expose them to the dangers of having such elements within a near proximity. Ultimately, the burden of proof is on those sceptics and not on us informed ones.

It is necessary however, to actively debunk "Palestinian" Arab falsehood propaganda, since otherwise young impressionable people, or older people who have not yet made up their minds on the dispute, tend to believe what they are told in the absence of rebuttal. 

You are correct about the burden of proof, which must be made clear, yet as part of rebuttal. 
One way I draw the reader's attention to the burden of proof, is as follows:
"The pro-"Palestinian" Arab contributor falsely-accuses Israel of [insert propaganda e.g.: genocide], while insulting the reader's intelligence, by providing for their falsehood: No detail(s), no objective-sources; zero evidence."

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