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Saw this headline..
Bennett's Budget: NIS 30 Billion To Arabs, 40 Million To Reform, 6 Million To Cats - The Yeshiva World

Anything left over for Torah observant Jews? Huh Tongue
I often wonder as to what exactly is in those vaccines, given recent decisions taken by world leaders.
Under Israeli constitutional law, are provisions made for impeaching such mad hatters?
Housecats are a plague to the natural fauna, everywhere on this planet. They are to be kept indoors. That's why they are called housecats. Here where I reside, local ordinances forbid their release outdoors, during brooding periods. Of course, nobody bothers enforcing the law. It's easier to just do nothing, until it's time for collecting pensions.
Regarding Arabs, unlike others posting here, I will not bother preaching to the choir, over this issue.

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