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The New Ottman empire Strikes Back {after 100 years)
ISraelis living abroad in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uganda,.....what are they thinking of?????? Huh Huh Huh Huh
For their sake, they'd better not be dressing up like cops:

What we're dealing with here are Islamic descendents of the Mongols who are evidently not fearing mass detainments and even death. Only time will tell if the savagery escalates to the point where visual non-ethnic Kasakhs will eventually be targetted for retributary vengeance or not, initiated by the involvement of foreign military forces.
Its only a matter of time before the 3,000 Jews in Katzhistan get blamed.....for casuing chaos....Old joke goes like this: In Capitalist countires Jews are called protocommunits who try to overthrow the goverment and take over the land in Communits Countries Jews are called protocapitalists who try to expliot the worker and the peasent.....Moral of Course No matter where Jewish prople live...they will ALWAYS GET THE BLAME,,,,,,,,so the only solution to survive...leave this Galut and go up to Israel....
(12-31-2021, 02:06 PM)Nooone Wrote: Pakistan  No friend of Israel...
A Pakistani attempts using a hostage-taking at a synogogue for a prisoner exchange:

' Wrote:...Aafia is also known as 'Lady Al Qaeda' and is serving 86 years at FMC Carswell for attempted murder of a US Army captain, with the prison located 24 miles from the synagogue[/b]...
An attorney generaless is in need of getting her facts straight. Is vaccination possibly at fault?:

[Image: DHsBjiqMSog.jpg?size=817x1024&quality=96...type=album]
The "British" Rolleyes hostage-taker was under MI5 observation. But declared "not a threat":

Quote:...He was able to travel to the US and purchase a firearm prior to the incident at the synagogue. It has been reported in the wake of the hostage scenario that Akram had a criminal record in the UK...

[Image: 61e6c78a20302725ee4dff76.jpg]
#27 ... „the enemy station”! I agree, it's good to study them and look at the other side of the coin.
Not only is Turkey busy poking the Russian bear and ruffling the feathers of the American bald eagle. Erdogan needs to learn past lessons about starting multi-frontal wars:

' Wrote:...the Turkish Foreign Ministry said the decisions that lead to the eviction and displacement of Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah and other parts of the occupied territories...
YEt the turkish Empire which started over 50 years ago when Northern Cyprus was occuppied...had already de facto made an Empire of Northen Syria; Lyba...all that remains is to reoccuy Lebanon and Iraq and Jordan and Saudi Arabia......the UN Will never stop or even condem Turkey,,,
Islam and China Vs Russia.....

Russia vs Ukraine the winner is China![sectionSlug]/articles/winner-ukraine-russia-america-china

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