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Division after Division after Division....
Ironic isnt it...Jews have come from over 70 countires in galat to settle Eretz Israel.... yet there are those who call themselves Torah Jews yet refuse to settle In Israel....some have become well known for marching with the PLO; Hamas, Iran  against even the right for Israel to exist inside and outside of Israel....on the other hands there are Jews who were born in Israel   yet those attitute toward the Torah is that it is a only a History book  and not the main focus of their lives.....and who advocate that the only way to survival for the Jewish People are to culturally assimilate themselves as Gentiles...such as becoming another state of the Russian Federation or even so far to march with the PLO; Hames et All within Israel....against every Jewish settlement that has been rebuilt over the last 100 years....
The only group who are the most extremist anti existence of the 'state' of Israel is the Neturei Karta (who were founded during the Mandate and are still in Israel). There are those who call themselves Torah Observant Jews who do not recognize the State of Israel and instead call it the Land of Israel. Thus your comment is false as who did you think is currently settling in Samaria and Judea?

As to general Jews who live in Israel but don't recognize it for one reason or another are either the ultra religious or the far left. Together they are a minority of Israel and have very little power in and related to Israel.
I ment the following:
the Israeli Communist Party who for the past 100 years have advocated that Israel can only survive by becoming part of Mother Russia...
also that of the anti zionist Satmar who indeed helped ransom Yemenite Jews and helped them settle anymore in the world...except Israel....
LAstly a legacy of David Ben Gurion attitiude of making a New Jew {Secular without religion} such as shown by those who exhitibted an anti religious attitide toward pius Jews.... see and which culminated in the painful Yemenite Jewish Children affair which the Jewish Yemenite Jewish community has never forgotten or forgiven....
Jews who've lived in the (levant) region all the way back to the Ottoman Empire have been socialist and not communist. Jews who arrived after 1858 did come from communist regions, but they initially lived that way because that was what they were used to. The current Israeli Communist Party known as Maki is part of the Joint list, so they can do little to nothing in Israel.

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