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Three discouraging stories that I read...
A story that shocked and stunned me....
Head of major Israeli Jail: Female soldiers were prostituted to terrorist inmates (

O Israel is it too much to ask:
1} Any women in Prision service should have mininal contact with men; let it be largly in Administration so as to release able bodied men for prison service; and if they be guards put them in charge of women [ such as putting men in charge of men]
(one readon I do not beleive women in military service should not be beside men in combat but seperate roles]

and also came across this:
How do you persuade the ultra-Orthodox to eat nutritious meals and prevent chronic diseases when they believe the Messiah will come tomorrow? (

Oh men of Israel..Is it too much to ask to eat a sensible healty diet?

And just this minuite
Israel caves to Waqf pressure: Removes Menorah from Tomb of Samuel the Prophet (
Samuel was a  prophet to the Jewish Not Arab Nation,,,,,,
This following more comprehensive source doesen't mention prostitutes. Is one source possibly exaggerating or is the other source remaining silent about certain details?:

' Wrote:...It should be noted that this is not a matter of receiving material bribes, but of an unusual response to the prisoners' requests in exchange for silence in the wards...

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