Introduction: Jason Hare

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Introduction: Jason Hare

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Hi, folks.

Most of you will know me. After all, I created The Hebrew Café. :D

I really love the Hebrew language from all periods. I teach biblical Hebrew and would like to teach modern Hebrew, as well, although I have never opened up a course in modern Hebrew.

I've lived in Israel since 2007, having come to visit for the first time in 2004 after a three-year conversion process into Reform Judaism. I'm not a person of faith today, but I respect everyone's choices and beliefs. I do ask that no one make religion a problem on the forum. We're here to further the learning of the Hebrew language. It's great to share your personal story, but don't expect to convert people. It's not our goal, and it is out of place here. Just giving a heads-up.

Feel free to open up a thread to introduce yourself and how you relate to Hebrew. Looking forward to hearing from you all!
Jason Hare
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