I’m happy to announce the opening of our course Readings in the Hebrew Bible: An Advanced Course in Intermediate Biblical Hebrew (HE210). For this course, we will be using the intermediate textbook by John Cook & Robert Holmstedt called simply Intermediate Biblical Hebrew (Baker: 2020).

I’ve put together some pre-course information and reading that will help you consider joining, in addition to a handout including Hebrew terms and other information on the course and a Moodle for the course. The course will cost $200 per student, and students will also be responsible for purchasing the textbook. It is recommended that students also have a reliable dictionary of biblical Hebrew and/or a vocabulary guide (link the one mentioned in the brochure).

We will incorporate as much spoken Hebrew as possible in the course. This will include questions in Hebrew about the stories and comic pictures, as well as retelling of the stories in Hebrew. Students will not be expected to speak Hebrew perfectly. This course is based on intermediate materials, but it is geared toward pushing students to express themselves in the forms of Hebrew that they are reading.

To get signed up, fill in the following form. Payment will be possible through PayPal, as well as the possibility of giving donations to simply support what we do here at The Hebrew Café.

Registration Form

Have you completed a course in beginning biblical Hebrew? Do you have experience in reading the Bible in Hebrew? Have you ever used Hebrew conversationally in any way? Give us some background in your Hebrew learning.

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