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Dealing with a wicked son....
Recently I wrote to ASK a Rabbi the following question and I wish to share the reply 19 April 2021

Question:How does a devout Jewish Couple deal with a eternal rebellious child as an example the child in question from birth has been eternally rebellious aginst everything Jewish...even to the extent of marrying a non Jewish spouse and moving to a country where Jews are not generally welcome..the parents see from News reports of Jewish mistreatment; the non jewish spouse is sensible and flees with the children to the jewish grandparents-however the rebellious child refuses to go confident that as he/she has chossen cultural assimilation he/she will not be harmed. Now this refers to a fictional senerico but the question is What could the parents have done to their child to make he/she understand that only by taking the Iron Yoke of the Torah and not rebelling against the Word of the L-d?

Thank you for contacting us.  Please have a look at this article
With blessings from Jerusalem,
Rabbi Yoni Miller

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